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havard參考文獻格式essay范文:The analysis of Samsung in the plan of o

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導讀:本文essay用的是havard參考文獻格式來編寫的一篇論文,需要分析XX公司,找出影響你選擇的跨國公司的關鍵因素。公司分析的支持性陳述應是有參考依據的證據。 Introduction 1 Brief introduct


Introduction 1
Brief introduction of Samsung 1
The SWOT analysis on Samsung 2
Strength 2
Weakness 2
Opportunity 3
Threats 3
The key factors influencing Samsung 3
Summary 4
The chart of SWOT analysis 4
References 5
Introduction 介紹
The pace of new product development is faster than ever, and many companies are finding that in order to keep up, they need to team up with companies in other countries to gain financial resources or specialized capabilities. Firms are also finding that to justify their investments in new product development, they need to expand their sales to other markets.. As the no.1 enterprise in Korea, Samsung has done well in the past overseas expansion. Nevertheless, every step of operation including the expansion requires attention. (Janet, 2011)
In this essay, understanding on international business would be analyzed from the point of enterprises, and Samsung is the case. Begin with the brief introduction of Samsung, it will demonstrate its particular characteristic. Following this, a SWOT analysis would be taken to further identification of the key factors influencing the company operations. Finally, it will form a brief concluding of the process of importance. 
Brief introduction of Samsung三星簡介
Samsung is the biggest company in Korea, covering the field of electron, finance, machinery, chemistry and so on. Thus this transnational enterprise is also called Samsung Group. Samsung is more famous as the character of Samsung Electronics. It is a family-owned corporation existing for over half a century, which is not common in the society full of stockholding system. This management style has its own rationality for the existence. Except for the inferior factors such like the obstacle on the organizational mechanism, the restrictions on the foreign manpower resource and the mistake made by the unscientific decision-making process, there are still advantages in its operation. On one hand, this mode of management lowers cost for managing and forms the unique corporate culture. On the other hand, family corporation has the advantage of credit and can form the core competiveness more easily. (Dan Wang & Shijun Wang, 2007)
The SWOT analysis on Samsung
SWOT analysis is the short for strengths weakness opportunity threats analysis, which based on firms’ internal and external environment. (Stephen P. Robbins & Mary Coulter, 2012)
The ratification of people all over the world requires for the absolute advantage on technology. The strong research and development capability and human resources make sure the technological innovation. Then, on account of the stable domestic market, Samsung could inject massive funds to seize the foreign market. Hence the high input on the advertisement establishes its brand image. As for the supply chain, Samsung is a joint enterprises covering manufacturing and researching which avoids too much reliance on external partnerships. In addition, since Samsung is a comprehensive developed enterprise involving lots of fields, the strong backup of resources reduces worries. (Anonymous, 2009)
The broad product coverage and the long product line result in high cost in research and development. In addition, the differentiation strategy increases the difficulty of product management. Even the research is its strength, Samsung should shorten its cost to prolong the product life cycle. Though Samsung covers kinds of market and its price varies a lot, it does not focus on the single market, which causes the inaccuracy of market positioning. In spite of its status of the biggest electronics corporation in Korea, Samsung has severe stress in the competition with old brand electronic operators like Sony. (Stephen & Mary, 2012)
Along with the stability of the 3G market environment, there is a good development space for operators. Due to the economic development, the quantity of the high-end income earners has increased a lot. Thus people pay more attention to the quality, brand and function of electronics. Consumers begin to lay emphasis on the life quality. And Samsung has occupied in an important position in the high-end market. As for the reputation, Samsung has been emphasized the value of ‘together with the Olympic Games’ form 1988, and this strategy has made a hit. It is a good carrier for Samsung to do the overseas expansion. (Stefantica, 2014)
There is a great threat in the high-end market coming from the powerful competitors such as Apple and HTC. This the consequence of personalized needs from consumers. The intense competition in electronics would increase the cost of the research and development. With the broadened horizon to politics, the change of politics, population and environment could lead to the instability of domestic political, which is a great fetter for the enterprise development. (Y Gil, S Bong & J Lee, 2003)
The key factors influencing Samsung
Samsung is not a leading company in the development of electronics, but it does better than any other firms in the learning from competitors. It is a imitator with fast response and absorbs the new technology to its own design. During this strategy, Samsung spent lots of money to cultivate international talents to break the cultural barriers. The theory of speed management guarantees its capture of the opportunity and militarization management mode makes sure the execution. The family managing mode propels the managers to be more responsible. These are all superiority over other competitors in the international competition. 
It has been an essential strategy for top enterprises to expand their business to be internationality. The analysis based on the company itself is the first step in the consideration to expand overseas.( John, Lee & Daniel , 2014) For Samsung, it has been a international corporation of great influence. But this cannot be the excuse to ignore the analysis. The advanced research and development capacity and strong backup guarantee its international status. The development of modern economy and improvement of life quality are conducive to its further expansion. On the contrary, what they are proud of can also be their obstacle. Too much cost on research and various kinds of product make the management more hard. 
The chart of SWOT analysis
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